March 2017 - From the CEO’s Chair

23 February 2017

March 2017 - From the CEO’s Chair

This month I’d like to update our finishing plans for the Southtown addition and share some other projects that are in the works as well. These projects stand to change the landscape in the Southtown area for many years to come.

First, the commercial development area just south of the Coborns’ Little Dukes convenience store. We have finalized the contract for final grading, curb and gutter and the asphalt streets that we’re preparing to install on Kansas Ave SE, and on 24th street from Dakota Avenue to Idaho Avenue SE. These projects will begin just as soon as the weather and temperature improve to a point where the contractors can get on site and start their work. The roads are scheduled to be completed prior to June 1st. GHDC continues to work with several leads and inquiries about the land and hopefully we can share something soon about the progress being made.

The next project I’d like to briefly update you on is the senior apartment complex that is being developed by Hahn Development. In speaking with the project manager, the 40-unit complex is moving forward, although slightly slower than anticipated. They hope to begin construction yet this summer. This project is a critical component to addressing the housing shortage in Huron. In 2013, a housing study was conducted by GHDC, the City and Huron Housing Authority that clearly indicated new housing units are desperately needed. Specifically revealing a need for housing both to offset the new growth the community has seen in recent years, and to offset the loss of existing housing as units are demolished due to their condition. The senior apartment complex would open existing homes in the community as seniors move into the new apartments. We have more work to do as the study specifically noted that at least 120 homes were observed in Huron that were “dilapidated and possibly beyond repair” and an additional 292 homes throughout several different neighborhoods needed some sort of “major repair”. We will continue efforts in the housing arena. As other projects develop and move forward we will be able to make announcements at that time.

Another effort toward supporting the results of the housing study is the upcoming Huron Workforce Development Housing Conference to be held on March 2 and 3. The housing conference will be focusing on valuable “how to” sessions, laws and regulations specific to Huron, and trending topics such as marketing strategies and energy efficiency strategies. Be sure to read our Workforce Development Coordinator, Brooke Sydow’s, column later in this edition to learn about the Housing Conference, as well as the many other initiatives she is working on.

As always if anyone has any questions, our doors are always open. Please stop and see us if you have the chance. Due to the confidential nature of our work we may not be able to share everything, but we are always happy to talk.