Hear why area residents "Love Local" and share YOUR reasons as well!!

13 February 2018

Hear why area residents "Love Local" and share YOUR reasons as well!!

Feel the love! February is the perfect month to celebrate why many residents across the region “love local”. The Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau is encouraging area residents to share their own love local stories. Beginning February 1, there will be a contest on the Huron Chamber’s Facebook page for those willing to “share the love”. One lucky winner will receive a custom designed “love local” t-shirt from PB Sports in Huron, to be given away on Valentine’s day. Search for the Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau on Facebook for details.


Jared Reno of Huron

"One of the things I like the most about our community is that most people are very friendly and go out of their way to help friends, neighbors, and even strangers. There are still genuinely good people that have good intentions and care about those they come in contact with. We can’t put a true value on doing the right thing and we need to be thankful that it is ingrained in our way of life."

Amy Swank of Huron

"Being new to the area and coming from places where violence runs rampant,
I love Huron because of the slower pace, the plethora of cultural diversity and the communities’ ability to look beyond: color, race, ethnicity or religion thus providing strangers with a welcoming hand!"

Connie Winegar of Huron

"I love that Huron has a small town atmosphere and people are willing to help! When you walk down the street you say hi to everyone you meet. I have a business and I feel that my customers are also my friends - we know each other by name. It makes me feel good to shop local because I know I’m helping our town grow. We are lucky to have many great shops right here in Huron. I sure do love Huron...It’s my home!

Ruth Anne Hanson of Huron

"I love Huron because it’s where I was raised, my family is here, and my husband and I have excellent opportunities here."

Linda Wagner of Huron

"I love Huron because it is one of the most supportive communities that most have ever seen. When there is someone in need, they open up their hearts and pocket books to help."

Emma Jungemann of Huron

"I love Huron because of the generosity. Everyone is always willing to help, by giving their time or support. We band together and help each other out, that’s one of my favorite parts about this community.

Rhonda Kludt of Huron

"I love the way the next generation loves our community. The cross generational activities keep everyone engaged and involved. So many are coming back to Huron to raise the next generation of Huronians. Raised here - stays here."

Angie Reyna of Huron

"The love and care our community gives is incredible, we all strive to support all
our local businesses and our school systems. The people you meet here become family and growing up in Huron the support of our Huron Tigers has never changed, which I love!


Drew Weinreis of Huron

"One of the reasons I love our community and Huron, so much is our willingness
to come together to help someone who is having a benefit or an organization that may need help fundraising. It’s amazing how much one community can do by just coming together."

Sherri Hunter of Huron

"I love Huron because we prove diversity isn’t a barrier but a strength.”

Tammy Caffee of Miller

"Miller meets the needs of life in an independent community of caring people."