June 2016

01 June 2016

June 2016

Laurie Shelton“I didn’t hear anything about that” and “there is nothing to do in Huron” are two phrases that we find very frustrating here in the Chamber office. The Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau along with many other organizations and businesses are doing great things and holding fun events in Huron and yet we still hear those statements. So where are you looking to find out what is going on, so that you can be informed of the events taking place in Huron?

There are so many avenues of information available to us these days. You can get information from this publication, PrairieTracks, traditional newspaper and radio sources along with television. Did you know that Tiger Channel 6 posts not just school activities, but other events going on in Huron? Are you paying attention to Facebook posts? So many groups are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let you know about what they have going on. Be sure to “Like” Huron CVB on Facebook, you may also want to “Like” Splash Central Waterpark to check out what is going on there too. Or check out Performance Radio online, Facebook or Twitter, they can keep you up to date on news and events. Another GREAT source of information is the Huron website; huronsd.com. Under the Living

In Huron tab you can find the community events calendar which again lets you be in the know about what is happening in Huron, it also gives you access to our city government, economic development, Huron Chamber & Visitor Bureau information and much more.

If by chance, you don’t have access to any of those avenues, take time to look at the bulletin boards around town. The Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau, with the help of our volunteers, distribute posters monthly to nearly 140 locations, one of which you are sure to visit. These posters include a “Huron Happenings Calendar” along with many individual posters showing the events going on throughout the month.

With this being said, I encourage you to do your part in keeping yourself informed as to what is going on in our community. And don’t forget to share those fun things with your friends and neighbors. Huron is a great place to live, work and play, so let’s make sure we all know what we can do when it is time for the “play” part of our lives.